Stories & Tips

Once upon a time…

Every couple of months new tips and techniques and funny stories will be posted…some you may find valuable, some insightful or just funny.  If you have any you want to share…please contact Jennifer and she would love to share them on her website.

If you have any stories to share, please contact Jennifer

Tantalising Tips

“I’ve got an interview…”

When finalising a job interview, maybe consider leaving the interviewers with a page of your achievements that relate to the role or an action plan of what you consider would be your areas of concentration in the role in eg. the first 3 months, should you be successful. Hand out the typed page, quickly go through the main points then leave it with them and thank them for their time. Quick, to the point, great last impression and what’s more…you don’t have to remember what to say…it’s all on the page!

“I’m running the show…”

As convenor of the selection committee, treat the committee as you would a team back at work. Identify each team member’s strengths, allow all to participate in each part of the process including identifying questions & selection strategies to be used during the interview & don’t get stuck with writing up the selection committee report and paperwork on your own!

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