Recruitment & Selection

1 Day Recruitment Course

Course format:

1 day Group Session (minimum 3 participants to optimum maximum 12 participants)


To enable participants to efficiently conduct the recruitment and selection process (including advertising, short-listing, interviews, writing the report and post selection discussion) in a timely manner, eliminating delays and ensuring the best person for the job is selected.

Key content:

  • Overview of the recruitment & selection process including merit & recruitment guidelines
  • Shortlisting including what is involved, the do’s & don’ts and mock exercise
  • Asking the right questions including formulating questions
  • Preparing for the interview
  • The interview
  • Writing the selection committee report including the do’s & don’ts
  • Post selection discussion & appeals

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the day, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of selection committee members to ensure a timely process
  • Demonstrate skills involved in shortlisting, interviewing and report writing to ensure participants have the confidence to complete all stages
  • Prepare questions and selection strategies for selected criteria to ensure successful interviews
  • Identify how to provide post selection discussion and perform the broader role of convenor

How is this achieved:

Jennifer incorporates group discussions, practical exercises, one-on-one support and consultation, roleplay scenarios on the day.

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