Other Training

Extra Courses

The following provides a brief introduction to the other learning and development programs Jennifer can provide:

Communication – “Can you hear me…”

Short sessions to improve listening, communicating in different situations and techniques and strategies to improve your communication.

Time Management – “Start the clock ticking…”

Short sessions which can identify where you use your time and how it could be used more effectively, identify techniques to combat time wasters and become more organized with your time.

Presentation Skills – “Welcome.  My name is…”

Got a presentation you need help with?  Here’s an opportunity to not only fine tune your presentation before the big day but a chance to improve techniques in structuring and developing content, what to give out, managing nervousness and logistics on the day, managing your audience from meeting their needs to audience participation to getting your message across.

Customer Service – “Keeping the basket full…”

Who are your customers? What are their needs?  How will you meet and exceed those needs?  From short sessions to a full blown program…strategies and techniques to keep and expand you customer base.  Also learn how to handle those difficult clients and what to do when it all goes wrong.

One – on – One Coaching & Consultation

Any program Jennifer conducts can be provided as a one-on-one coaching experience at a time and place most suitable to you.  Weekends, after hours, during lunchtime; at the office or off-site and tailored to meet your needs in a short time-frame.  Got only 2 hours?  Applications, Interview Skills or a presentation to deliver…contact Jennifer for support.

Training Needs Analysis

Training may not always be the answer…with an ability to look further whether by interviewing key staff/stakeholders or conducting an extensive training needs analysis or short questionnaire, Jennifer is able to advise on the best way to achieve the learning and development results you require.

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